What is Safe Drive Stay Alive?

Safe Drive Stay Alive is an innovative theatre education project, exploring the circumstances and consequences of a road traffic collision. Now in its 15th year, SDSA has seen over 291,000 young people walk through the doors in the Thames Valley and Hampshire to witness a film of a crash in the local area which has been specially prepared, with roads and hospitals familiar to local students.

As the drama unfolds and the emergency services arrive on the scene, the faces on film literally step onto stage. Pausing the film for a moment, they speak to the audience about their experiences, the reactions of the driver and passengers, the medical implications and how seeing such trauma affects them personally. Until the end, the audience is unsure which of the car’s occupants will make it.

Safe Drive Stay Alive is now attended by over 23,000 people each year as the roadshow takes in 6 venues across the region over a four week period.

You can find out the dates of any of the SDSA Road shows by clicking here.

What times are the performances?

There are 2 performances each day at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm and are timed specifically to ensure the students are able to return to school in time for either lunch or for onward travel home.

How long are the performances?

Each show runs for 1 hour 15 minutes

How much does it cost?

£1 per student for theatre seats. Schools are invoiced in December.

Can private schools/colleges/academies come?

Yes. This is open to ALL schools/colleges/academies etc., as we are trying to reach as many young people as possible.

Can we get free seats?

Yes, if you are walking to the venue or have your own transport, the seating becomes free. Seats are also free for Youth Projects and the MOD.

How do we arrange for free coaches?

You book the coach with your preferred provider and ask them to send the invoice DIRECT to Finance

Thames Valley Police, Corporate Finance Department, PO Box 238, Kidlington, OXON, OX5 1XS

Can private schools/colleges or academies use the free transport system?

yes! Or, if you prefer to use your schools own transport, then the theatre seats will become FREE.

Can you bring this into our school?

Unfortunately, no. This is a huge and logistically complicated production which takes over a year to produce. All the emergency service staff involved have scheduled their rotas to give us their free time and we need very large venues in order to reach the widest possible audience at once.

What ages is this suitable for?

The production is aimed specifically at young people who are at the age where they are either beginning to learn to drive, or have just passed their test, or are becoming passengers with their friends who are already driving, so we offer this to both A Level years, or students and young drivers 15-24 years old. This is an extremely hard hitting performance and would not be suitable for younger people.

Are there any refreshments provided?

No. We are sorry but we cannot provide refreshments for students or staff.

Risk Assessment

The Risk assessment is available here.


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