How Telematics saved Max’s life.

Many people have heard by now how a “black box” (also know as telematics) that’s inserted in your car, can help a young driver save on his/her insurance premium. For Max Charles aged 18, the telematics box went a huge step further and actually saved his life.
Max had been involved in a car crash and sustained quite a severe brain injury. It was announced he would remain sedated for the following two and a bit weeks, while his body attempted to recover. Police believe Max’s Vauxhall had hit a ditch, gone through a fence and then sideways into a tree. The roof of the car had to be taken off to get him out. He was then airlifted to a hospital in London.

When Max bought his car it was installed with a telematics box, he had no idea that this gadget could send an alert when a car stops with sudden force. The device has a built-in GPS location technology, it acts as a homing device for emergency services.

In Max’s case, this proved a life-saver, because no one saw his crash on a remote country road in the middle of the night. Max, now 19, from Leatherhead, Surrey, says: ‘I feel so lucky to be alive. My dad and I had no idea my insurance had this accident alert feature. We just bought the policy because we’d heard about how it can help cut insurance costs for new drivers.’
The amount of young drivers using telematics is beginning to rise greatly, who typically pay around £1,899 a year for cover. But some of these black boxes come with an accident warning system.
This works by sending a message to the insurance provider, when a car happens to have a major impact. This allows a staff member to look at the report and decide what necessary action to take. A staff member can see: the speed the car was travelling at, the force of the impact, whether the impact was head-on or from the side and whether the vehicle is stationary. Insure The Box says that on average the emergency services are alerted 18 times a month.

What we find concerning is not all telematics car insurers offer the alert service. The providers that do offer this alert are: Insure The Box, Drive Like A Girl and Tesco Bank’s Box insurance. Hopefully more insurance providers will see this story and take the relevant action, the government could step in and reinforce this. This alert saved max’s life. We believe it could have the same affect for many young drivers on UK roads in the coming years.

Story via: Mail Website

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