It goes without saying that the best opinions to hear are those of the people most affected by Safe Drive Stay Alive. Here are some views from some young drivers & teachers who have been deeply affected by the presentation:

“I thought the whole performance and the contact and effects of the different speakers was absolutely perfect and hit home in the right way. And definitely needed for all age groups. I also thought the organisation with the coaches and supervision at the Hexagon was excellent as school outings and procedures can always be a bit of a nightmare. A must for every year.”
Teacher from The Holt School, Wokingham

“Hi, today i attended one of your performances. I found it very moving and i know that a great deal of others did too.”
Student from Fullbrook School

“Just a word about how magnificent the production was today. The effect on the girls was stunning, I only hope it lasts for years not weeks. Please thank all those involved, especially the parents and disabled young man. I do not know how they managed to do it. I have sung your praises so highly that the senior staff here are now agreed I can make it a regular event on our crowded calander. Look forward to hearing from you about next year’s presentation!”
Teacher, Tudor Hall School

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing this stage show to wycombe. It certainly impacted on all of my friends and I as I am just about to start my lessons. I always knew how to be alert but this just clarified everything that I was taught. I sympathise with those families that have lost their close ones due to reckless drivers, thank you for bringing something as vital as this to our attention once again!”
Student from Chesham Park Community College

I went to one of your presentations last year and was very impressed! It shocked me, and it almost had a traumatic effect, the memory will always remain with me, which is a very good thing, it did its job fantastically. Keep up the good work. I am actually learning at the moment, and your presentation keeps me safe. Cheers.
Student from Cottesloe School

I was taken to the Hexagon (Reading) to see the presentation about the Safe Drive Stay Alive campaign and the it was fantastic the way it was put together I personally do not think anything else could be added the facts were shocking and for the parents of the boy that got killed had real strength to stand up and share the loss of their son with the schools present and their story had tears rolling down my face and I just want to say thank you for making the time to bring this presentation together and I can safely say that the facts given to me will make think twice about what happens in a car
Student from Denefield School

I attended one of your shows at the Wycombe Swan. I am writing to thank you and congratulate you on an influencing and interesting show. Being a driver myself it really woke me up about my safety in the car and my friends also. I was really touched by the stories of families that have suffered and hope no one I know has to go through that emotional pain. This was a great experience and I am grateful to the Thames Valley police for setting this up. Thank you again and I hope all your work influences as many other youths my age as it did me.
Student from Great Marlow School

I think it is a vital work that you are doing. I am another parent who has lost a son in a tragic car accident, he was 19.


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